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  1. I never saw the movie and never have been off the North American continent. Yet, I am interested in history and I would love to visit some of these sites one day- just thinking about a building that was initially built 900 years ago gives me goosebumps. So is the thought of visiting the Hatfield House garden.

  2. I absolutely love Shakespeare in Love. As you say, there are so many details you miss the first time(s) around. There’s always something new to find. And the music is so nice, worth hearing again and again.

    So, thanks for the information about the locations. So interesting, as always.

    • Ha! Not a typo. More a missed opportunity. I was focused on whether Ralph Fiennes (a name that’s more familiar to me) was related to the family in Broughton Castle. I completely missed that there was a much closer connection to the film. Thanks for pointing it out!

      • Ah, then I’m glad I mentioned it. Yes, Joseph has also played a few great roles. He is fantastic in Enemy at the Gates and I really like Martha – Meet Frank, Daniel, and Laurence, cute film. And, of course, the Great Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love and several other period films, Merchant of Venice, Elizabeth …

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