Sunday Salon for 5 November 2023 — 10 Comments

  1. We are in the 80’s as well. Looks like tomorrow will be the last day, and it will only be in the lower 70’s after that. I’m not ready for cold weather! (And yes, I know that this really isn’t cold weather.)

  2. It is going to be a week of temperatures in the 80s here also. Beautiful blue skies and nice temperatures at night, but not really what I wanted in fall.

    I am so sorry to hear about your tooth. I would imagine that would cause a great deal of pain and stress. I do hope your doctors can come up with a good fix. And I hope you are able to find ways to feel less stressed.

    I’m off to see what you think about Enchantment.

  3. I placed the book Enchantment on my library holds list and hope to have it in 2 weeks or so. Sounds great.

    I’m sorry to hear about your tooth, that’s so painful and I hope it gets pulled soon. That helped me tremendously when I had an infected tooth, immediate relief.

  4. Your research for your writing project sounds fun! I love Wonder Woman! She was my favorite superhero growing up. Love that retro photo of her. I’ve had an abscessed tooth in the past and it no fun! Had a root canal twice in the same tooth. Not sure how that was even a thing that could happen, but they were able to save the tooth. I had to have a bone graft in the gum. Nightmare. I hope you are able to come to an easy solution!

  5. Good luck with your tooth! I hope you get some much-needed self-care. I’ve thought about reading some Wonder Woman comics but haven’t yet. They do sound fun! Good luck with your research and writing.

  6. I’m ready for it to be chilly and stay chilly. I did not know any about that regarding Wonder Woman! How fun! About 13 years ago, I had to have a tooth extracted and ended up getting an implant. It’s not fun at all but been great since. Wishing you stress-free process!

  7. I’m just curious how you find & read 1940s newspapers? At the library or can you do that online by paying? I wish you well with your research. It seems a fun project. Enjoy your week.

    • The St. Louis County Library gives me access to Historical Newspapers: US Major Dailies. The Washington Post is the most useful newspaper for my purposes, since most of the novel is set in DC.

      I also use We pay for that to use for genealogy, but I’m looking at the Iowa City Press-Citizen to help me understand the Midwest viewpoint since some of my characters are from that area.

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