Sunday Salon for 22 October 2023 — 9 Comments

  1. It’s been raining today and the past few days, making it quite cool. Tonight will be very cold. Brrr! I think it should be better later next week.

    I finished Daughter of Ashes, an Italian noir crime novel by Ilaria Tuti, in translation. Good, but very noir!

    Have a good week with all the meetings! It sounds very busy.

  2. We are back up in the 90s here. Sigh. Envious of your lovely fall temps.

    I am very curious about both Enchantment and Gender Queer. Gender Queer has been on so many banned book lists here in my state. I need to look for it.

    Good luck with your outlining. I hope you are able to fill in the missing details.

  3. Going from hot to cold and back is something I definitely remember from St.Louis. Once I experienced a 30 degree drop in less than an hour as a front came through.
    best, mae at

  4. Sounds like you have some great fall colors going on. Are you in the St. Louis area? We are having our first snowstorm today here … whoa. We’ll see what happens. That racing show must be pretty action packed. Have a great week.

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