Sunday Salon for 8 October 2023 — 11 Comments

  1. Joy, I am delighted that I’m not the only person who is crazy about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. I agree that it feels like the writers were just turned loose and told to be as zany as possible.

    I’m glad you are on a reading roll, too. Sometimes all I want to read is books that are pure junk food.

    I’ve never heard of a writing coach, but it sounds like this person was able to help you tremendously. Good luck in upping the stakes for your characters. I know you will do well.

  2. It was 41 degrees here this morning! I still managed a 24-minute walk, but I was cold, LOL! I will need to bundle better if it continues to be that cool in the mornings. The high today was only 55, but the sun came out, so it was nice. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Joy, I have just read your post regarding Ordonia, MO and all the other places you lived and enjoyed it so much. I was born in Louisiana, Mo and lived in the same house on Georgia St until I graduated from LHS in 1956 and went away to college. I remember Ordonia vividly, because so many of my smart school friends lived there. I’ve been away for almost 65 years now, and can’t imagine Ordonia just gone, as well as my school, Eugene Field elementary school. Thank you for your photos and memories. My “home place” is still there at 1700 Georgia St, and has been beautifully renovated.

  4. The London Seance Society sounds like something I would enjoy! I always have bad luck with the books I request on Overdrive and Libby– they all seems to come at once, even though I’m generally #40 in line. lol. I had wanted to read Jo Nesbo’s The Night House that just came out and reserved it, only to find out I could read it NOW, so that is what I’m doing. I love Star Trek, the next generation being my favorite, but I really like Strange New Worlds! They do have some fun episodes. And that musical episode was a hoot! Have a great week! Suzanne @ Chick with Books

  5. Fall is finally here in CT, too. Our cold front came through night, so we started the day around 50 degrees… and it will be even cooler tomorrow. My favorite season! We’ve been getting our DVDs from the library for a while now and it’s been working out well. The one in FL has an especially good selection. Hope you have a good week.

  6. I feel bad for people who now have to live without Netflix. We switched to streaming only some time before they started charging two fees if you wanted both services. But it’s too bad that they don’t exist any more as a library of so much film history — for someone other than me. I just want to watch something I’d like, occasionally.

    best, mae at

  7. Hi Joy, it;s getting cool here in New England as well. 40s at night and 60s by day. I didn’t know Sarah Penner had a new book out. We read The Last Apothecary for book group and enjoyed it. Have a good week

  8. It’s been so nice out today after such a warm week last week. I hope the cooler weather lasts this time. I am so glad you enjoyed The London Séance Society. I did as well.

    When we subscribe again to the service that offers the Star Trek series, we will probably give it a try then. Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t. I was sad to hear Netflix was ending their DVD disc program even though we switched to streaming only long ago. I am glad you have another source to get discs, even if more limited choices. My husband and I have a big DVD/Blu-Ray collection that we barely use anymore. I’m pretty sure we have a bunch of VHS videos too, but we won’t talk about those since we don’t even have a VCR anymore. My husband has a hard time letting go. I hope you have a great week, Joy. Enjoy your reading.

  9. I’m so sad about the end of Netflix’s DVD service. Sigh…

    And I’m jealous of your Fall temps. I’m sitting here with the window open and a box fan going, t-shirt & shorts, 9 o’clock at night.

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