Sunday Salon for 1 October — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve had to set aside my novel for a while. My characters got huffy with me and sat down just as they had gotten started on the road to adventure and treasure and life happiness and I couldn’t get them to move. Sigh. I am filled with admiration for you, Joy, in your work on your novel. I am writing each day, though not about the novel right now. Maybe something will happen while my pages are shut up in the filing cabinet.

    I will look for Enchantment. I am always interested in awakening wonder. Especially in this anxious world.

  2. Red, White and Royal Blue sounded familiar and I thought maybe I had read the book, but when checking the summary, no just meant to. So now it’s on my library reserve. I’m reading A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin, and it’s a fun Regency romance sort of look at English society in the day.

  3. Wintering is on my list.

    I just got notified that my Showtime subscription now has Paramount+ added to it, but I was thinking I already have that via Walmart+, or am I thinking of something else that starts with a P? I hope whichever ones of the Ps I have now, I can finally watch Yellowstone. I’ve seen the other two spinoff series but have yet to see Yellowstone. Why don’t I just Google it instead of speculating? Peacock! That’s the one I still don’t have.

    • We ended up with Peacock, too, for exactly that reason. Rick watched the spinoffs and wanted to see the original.

  4. Figuring out streaming services is really a job! I have no idea what we have, or what we are paying for. That’s how the vendors like it. (My husband has it more straight than I do).
    best, mae at

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