Sunday Salon for 18 June 2023 — 9 Comments

  1. The air seems clear but it’s not; it’s sunny and mild but it’s not pleasant outside. Why? The fine particles from the Canadian wildfire smoke is down this way and it’s deceptively nice outside. However, the air is full of tiny particles that’s not good to breathe in.

    I love florida, in February. It’s hot and humid now, but the beaches are wonderful, plus the views.

    Wishing for better days, hope you have a great week.

  2. Is THe Namesake based on the book by Jhumpa Lahiri? I enjoyed that novel. Good luck with your writing.
    best, mae at

    • Yes, it is! According to his memoir, Kal Penn loved that novel, too, and desperately wanted to be in the film.

  3. I’ll add The Namesake and Life Of Pi to my watch list. I was going to add Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle because I grew up going to White Castle. I ate there again when I went back home to Ohio in ’19 right before Covid. I went to IMDb to see what it was rated and will pass on it.

    I’ll check out your posts on going to Florida. Like I said above I grew up in Ohio but we went to Florida sometimes for Christmas vacations. Now I’ve lived in Florida since 1986.

    I’m not writing much of anything, including book reviews.

    I read Mae’s comment and your reply about The Namesake and now I want to read the book before I see the movie.

  4. There are some series I read I could probably skip reviewing. They’re long running series and best sellers, so they don’t need my reviews. But I go ahead and review them anyway. Yes, I have OCD when it comes to blogging/reviewing.

  5. I have never been to Florida, and so I greatly enjoyed reading your posts about your trip. Your mother kept a lovely journal of your visit, and I know it has to be delightful for you to reexperience the trip this way.

    I review everything I read, though I’m not thorough and my thoughts are often disjointed and random. Still, I have a file now that I can browse when I want to think about a book I read long ago.

    Congratulations on completing your exercise program! And here’s to the librarian who helped you with your research.

  6. We are only in the 70s today and I will take it. I am still not ready to be in the 80s/90s, even though summer is quickly approaching. That is great that you already have posts done into August. I wish I could find the time (and thought!) to work ahead. Have a great week!

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