Sunday Salon for 2 April 2023 — 3 Comments

  1. A book about a baking show? I am in! Adding it to Goodreads.

    I had severe astigmatism and whne my first eye was done I was not able to read or do anything. I went from being VERY nearsighted to one eye being far sighted. The good news was my doctor said I could watch TV as it wouldn’t stress the new eye. At first i thought getting one of the glass lens knocked out of my glasses would help me but Nope.

    Glad he is healing well!

  2. I love the sound of that baking show rom-com. I’m glad it broke your reading slump. And it’s nice to know you will get to hear more from the author soon.

    I think cataract surgeries await all of us. One by one, I hear about people who are having to schedule these. Here’s to continued smooth healing.

    Off to take a look at your post about Marian Anderson.

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