Death in Paradise #TVReview #BriFri — 3 Comments

  1. I have loved all the different casts of Death in Paradise, but am quite sure I like the recent one the most of all – even with Marlon driving me crazy sometimes! And I love that the Inspector and Catherine have been there all these years.
    I have liked the first episodes of Beyond Paradise.

  2. We have been huge fans of Death in Paradise since the beginning, even with the changes of inspectors, sergeants and everyhting else. And we were really looking forward to Beyond Paradise. It if was up to us, they could have made a British follow-up of all the inspectors after they returned to the UK (well, except for one, obviously, though we would have welcomed him very much, as well).
    I am sure, wherever this leads, we will enjoy every future episode both of Death in Paradise as well as Beyond Paradise. The characters are all so lovely.

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