Sunday Salon for 26 February 2023 — 8 Comments

  1. Many writers and political activists have analysed how funding at different levels can change the ability of school districts to provide good education, but also have studied the impact of homelives, racial biases, parental education level,health issues, and many other factors besides money.

    best…. mae at

  2. I think a lot about the difference money in schools has made in my life. My parents chose to move to my town because the schools in the town had a reputation for being good schools, but the real difference was money. My town had an oilfield, and that pumped tons of extra money into the schools. Teachers were paid more in my school than anywhere else in the state and caring, innovative teachers poured into the schools. Our schools were able to have the latest equipment and materials for all the students. Money makes a difference.

    I worked in Houston ISD and the differences between schools were startling. One school had no library and no playground. When I was in the school, I felt like I was in a prison.

    You are doing good and important work, Joy.

  3. I haven’t seen any of the movies you mentioned, still catching up on the library ones I have. Good luck with the character development for your book.

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