Jingle Jangle #FilmReview #BriFri — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve not seen this movie but a light comedy would be welcome this year. We have watched Love, Actually but haven’t gotten to any other Christmas movies this year.

    I brought you two things, a book and a cool contest. Wish I had remembered the contest earlier but you can catch up if you join in. I only remembered about her annual contest by the 11th day.

  2. I looked through the collection of Christmas movies at the library last night and didn’t see a single one that I wanted to watch! I know I’m picky and maybe all the good ones were checked out, but I also thought I’m just not in the mood for silly comedies or sentimental feel-good movies right now. I usually like a good rom-com, so I’ll look into Princess Switch. I don’t recall seeing Jingle Jangle, but thanks for the recommendation! I wonder if it’s available on NetFlix…

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