Good Omens #TVReview #BriFri — 3 Comments

  1. Ok, you’ve sold me on this one! I keep hearing about, and controversy about it too. I like David Tennant very much so there’s that appeal as well.

    I’m linking with this nature show as David Attenborough narrates and there are many scenes in the British Isles. I’ve read a few books in June that could link up but I recently had cataract surgery and couldn’t see to use the computer. I was unbalanced as one eye was far sighted and the remaking cataract eye was very nearsighted!

  2. We have long been fans of the book and looked forward to the series for months! We really enjoyed it, save for a few small details. David Tennant was clearly having a great time chewing the scenery, and Michael Sheen made an excellent Aziraphale. It was all a lot of fun.

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