The Honest Guys #Review #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. You had me at “Middle Earth” ! My husband has a hard time sleeping and hotels make it impossible. Someone recommended Sleep Buds by Sony. they are horribly expensive though so we are still trying other options.

    I missed hooking up with #BriFri so hope to have more to share upcoming.

  2. I plug into an audiobook – the titles vary but they are all well-listened in my playlist – It always takes me a while to reset before I can sleep, no matter how I try to ‘screen off’ or just read- so the audiobook or history extra podcasts (which are lovely) just move me into the place where I can sleep. I use my meditation and yoga time in the morning to center and reset before the day starts.

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  4. I don’t have any trouble falling asleep but I listen to them too. I use headphones to block snoring next to me. I’ve never heard what happens in any of their stories except for the time I listened to the one where you go to a hobbit’s house to get out of the rain. I fast forwarded it after listening to the beginning at least 10 times. Nothing actually happens at all. I was disappointed but sort of glad to know I wasn’t missing grand adventures by falling asleep in the first two minutes.

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