In the Middle of Things #BriFri — 3 Comments

  1. In love with Victoria! Silent Witness is good but so many seasons I find it hard to remember if I saw one or not! I got from the library season 1 and 2 of Inspector Lindsey. It helps put into light the rest of that series I have seen. By Season 3 the directors have stopped trying to make Barbara look so homely. The actress is petite and darling but in the book she is a big mannish woman. In the book Helen, the love interest, is gorgeous but in the series, only Tommy is the show pony. Fun to see the dramatic interpretations from page to screen.

  2. I’ve fallen behind with Victoria – but hoping to catch up this weekend. I’m intrigued by Palmerston and the push-pull relationship with Victoria and Albert’s reactions to him, and the inclusion of Feodora and her ultimate ‘ambitions’ in the story – I’m back at about episode 4 for the season so not too much to catch up on.

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