The Canterbury Tales #PodcastReview #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. My sister is familiar with the Archers and she was talking about this at how fun it was. Now I have to apologize to her and tell her she is not the only one who got a kick out of this production since I was kidding her to widen her entertainment scope! Now looks like I am the one who’s scope needs to be widen!

  2. I think it was sophomore year in high school when we dove into them – and my English teacher – Danish by birth and a bit of a ‘rebel’ herself – particularly since it was an all-girls parochial school was very clear about the ‘raunchy’ elements – and had us all invested in the stories and the rhythm of the old English – I’ve never (since) had anyone who dove into the tales so thoroughly or well since – although there was a close second in an Oxford presentation that I was fortunate enough to catch back a few years ago.

  3. Joy, you have me back into the Archers (thank you) and now I will be bugging you about podcast suggestions. I just bought some Bluetooth headphones which I can use when I walk so I’ll want more than my music!

    I enjoyed this s post & will check out the bbc radio.

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