Hamilton in London #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. I still haven’t seen Hamilton but it would be great to see it in London. I wish.
    As for voting, my husband and I thought about taking advantage of early voting, avoid the crowds 😊

  2. Hamilton is a wonderful show- and I’d love to see it in London just to see the difference in audience reactions – it’s so true that there are things that don’t translate quite the same -I see it in the tons of brit-produced television I watch – and in the differences in chat shows, particularly when Americans are guests and need explaining.

    As for voting – we went early (despite all the kerfuffle here in Georgia) and double checked the cards and the vote tallies to make sure everything worked properly. I’m part of the ‘ride to the polls’ group here – and will be making sure that I get people there and back, properly outfitted (with ID and no political slogans / signs / buttons ) to the right places.

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