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  1. Ink by Sabrina Vourvoulas (?) is my favorite near-dystopian. It is being rereleased this fall because it is sort of happening in the world now.
    World War Z is a favorite because of the format of interviews after a disaster.

  2. I finished editing a 3 or 4 part dystopian series not that long ago- it’s not my favorite genre to read, but the correlations and the scope for imagination often bring a ton of ‘current feel’ to stories set far away. I just reviewed one that was set in post-Katrina New Orleans where the elements the author brought in to ‘save’ the city and the myths used mixed in a wonderful sense of plausible in highly improbable situations.

    But – I found a winner this week – it plays into my weird obsession with the sharp self-deprecating humor from the BBC – It’s called W1A, and stars Hugh Bonneville – it’s essentially a ‘mockumentary’ about the BBC’s efforts to ‘prove relevant’ before their royal charter comes up for renewal in 2016. Poking fun at the ‘why a BBC’ and just how many people are perceived to say many words that mean nothing – I’m halfway through and adoring it .

  3. I loved this book, although I generally shy away from dystopian novels as they always seem to feature serial killers or mutant rats! This book shows the panic during the epidemic, and then perhaps wisely jumps to 25 years ahead when society is starting re-establish itself, with only veiled references to the gory aftermath of the plague. It was interesting to see what the author thought would survive, and what would not. I will be interested to see what other dystopian novels are recommended.

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