U is for the Underground #AtoZChallenge — 8 Comments

  1. I love all subways and undergrounds. I have a horrible sense of direction and it is always a challenge for me to come up the correct stair on where I want to be going!

  2. I also read London Under by Peter Ackroyd, 2011. When I looked on my blog to link you there, I see that you commented on my post, saying you were also reading the book:

    Let me suggest another book for you: Imagined London by Anna Quindlan, 2004.

    Maybe the next time you’re in North London, you can find Jen Campbell. She’s an author who worked at a bookstore called Ripping Yarns when I corresponded with her in 2013, the summer before I moved here to St. Louis. Read about her here, where I also have a link to the bookstore’s web page:

    Hey, hey! I just googled Jen Campbell and found more recent pictures of her. She still lives in north London where she works at Ripping Yarns bookshop,” and she has written more books. Looking at some of them, I’ve decided to read “The Bookshop Book,” even though my library does NOT have a copy. I guess I’ll have to buy it for my Kindle. Here’s her web site:

    • Sorry for the confusion. The comment guardian thinks that posts with lots of links are spam — but not in this case! Thanks for all the great resources!

  3. I love the Tube … and the constant refrain “Mind the Gap” 🙂

    I’m familiar with both the authors but not those specific works. I look forward to taking a literary vacation to London’s underground this summer!

  4. I have to say, I am not a fan of travelling on the underground. I find it crowded and claustrophobic and I’m always grateful to get out in the fresh air again! I can never understand the maps and I’m always fearful of getting lost.

  5. When in London I always found it easier using the Underground than trying to work out what bus to catch. I’ll have to look out for the book you mentioned by Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere.

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