I is for Ironbridge #AtoZChallenge — 4 Comments

  1. You’d maybe be better asking local people/shop keepers about reliable taxi firms locally and try to find one with a text messaging service that keeps you informed including when your cab arrives the colour, make and registration number of your ride. Not sure how widespread they are- especially in rural areas – but our city has a very good one that uses that system for all mobile phone customers and offers an app too. Or if you need a hackney carriage for disability assistance/wheelchair users although they tend to be more expensive. If you see a parked taxiyou musn’t hire one from the street but can seek info), or any parked at a taxi rank where hire from the street is permitted, ask drivers for their firm’s card and an estimate of prices too- even if they’re only making a rough guess on the spot. Sometimes asking the venue is helpful but might not be the quickest, safest or most cost effective option.

    It does look a fascinating area to visit, steeped with history, but there are so many more places also worthy to visit and most of us English don’t get to the majority of them of course. Trains are a fantastic way to travel as you see places along the way that are invisible by road and inaccessible otherwise. If you can plan your journey even a couple of days ahead, depending on ticket demand, advance tickets can save a lot of money on the fares. Sometimes there are coach firms offering day trips too, maybe that’s alike the weekend buses you describe. buy a local newspaper or try local community websites for ads detailing any available around relevant time of visit. Most public transport options have more frequent service during weekdays and websites can help plan what seem like otherwise difficult and complex journeys, but walking distances from main route bus stops can be prohibitive sometimes. And if staying in a city with cycle hire, some trains allow passengers with a cycle, you have to check to be sure.

    I know this is a virtual journey and you’re ‘wishlisting’ but here’s hoping you fulfill all your dream travel experiences.

  2. Driving on the left is no more difficult than driving on the right, Joy šŸ™‚ Go on – give it a go! There’s a car park next to the Iron Bridge and Blists Hill is great fun – both are featured on A Bit About Britain. Incidentally, it’s perfectly legal to hire a licensed hackney cab by hailing it on the street – it’s the private taxi firms who aren’t supposed to stop. The coach trip is a good suggestion, but getting a cab from Telford should be easy.

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