D is for Dublin — A Reading List #AtoZChallenge — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, Dublin! I lived and worked there for a year, and even if this was many years ago, I’m still very attached to the city. I visit everytime I can and I still have a couplefriends there.

    I love Irish literature. I’m trying to read Dubliners, but I’m finding it very difficult. Joyce’s writing is so layered you can’t just read him casually.
    My favourite time is – guess what! – the 1920s. I have an Irish friend, David Lawlor, who’s written a series of novels set in that time. He’s very knowledgeable in Irish history, his novels are among the best I’ve read set during the Irish War of Indipendence and Irish Civil War.

  2. Lovely to see your photo Joy, and to read your words of course. Your post makes me realise how little (if any) Irish literature I’ve read in my lifetime – and how lacking my geographic knowledge is! Thanks again for sharing your holiday pics with us here 🙂

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