Preparing the Bonfire #BriFri — 6 Comments

  1. I am not as familiar with it as I’d like to be but we watch V for Vendetta each year on November. Afterwards it always gets us talking and we read about the bonfires, parties and what’s behind it. I didn’t know about that Netflicks show but I am interested. I like Robert Carlyle too.

  2. I do remember that bit of poetry from Dad, at the breakfast table once, probably around this time of year when that date was mentioned. I think it amused him that it’s bad poetry, doggerel at least in the sense that poor grammar is used, on the final word, to make the meter and rhyme work.

    Besides school, it’s my understanding that children were expected to do something entertaining at social gatherings, (adults too in the years before radio) and if the choices were to sing, dance, or recite a memorized poem, well, that last one would have appealed to our introverted dad, who had a strong speaking voice but a tin ear.

  3. I too remember this poem. Sadly, I can’t remember where or when. I know I will share it with my family this year on the fifth of November.

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  5. It’s interesting you should know that old rhyme – I hope you find out how it came to you. Antonia Fraser’s book is quite the best on the subject I’ve ever read – very balanced – unlike the drama ‘Gunpowder’ that’s on BBC TV over here at the moment, which whilst playing up the fact that Roman Catholics were treated abominably, ignores the fact that these guys were terrorists. Hope you like the piece about Ashby St Ledgers.

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