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  1. One of my favorite inspiring stories is Mountains Beyond Mountains, the story of Dr. Paul Farmer in Haiti. I am happy he is working in the world.

    • That’s a good attitude. When I’m feeling guilty, usually gratitude is the quickest path to a better place. I’m grateful for the work of Bryan Stevenson and Christina Noble.

  2. I loved this book when I read it last year with Doing Dewey’s Nonfiction book club. I’m glad you enjoyed it too. I’ll second Deb’s comment about Mountains Beyond Mountains. That was an excellent one as well.

    • Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life is a strategy to change our lives. I’ve been pursuing it for almost a year with a little participation from some friends.

      Our book club in Kirkwood specializes in books on race in America, like Just Mercy. It has changed lives over the eight years that we’ve been together, but not in a particularly strategic way — more organic from learning new things.

      And, yeah, I confused things by putting both of those in one post just because they touched me in a similar place this week.

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