White Trash #BookReview #CompassionateSunday — 7 Comments

  1. Three lines from your post make me want to read this book:

    “How much Donald Trump’s rhetoric sounds like Andrew Jackson’s, our first presidential candidate who presented himself as the representative of the plain-speaking backwoods man.”

    “…often the first step to understanding is to learn the history and separate it from the myth.”

    “Appeal: A great book for anyone who wants to understand the reality of American history instead of just the stories we tell to children.”

  2. Publishers Weekly just named this one of the best nonfiction books published this year. I was thinking about reading it, but now after your review, I will. You’re right, it’s so important to learn our country’s history.

  3. Glad you liked White Trash, even if you didn’t figure out why people are voting for Trump. 🙂 That’s sort of the same reason I’m reading “Righteous Minds” though it has nothing to do with Trump specifically. I have to admit, though, I was looking for ONE more nonfiction book to squeeze for Nonfiction November and this might be the choice. I really SHOULDN’T read another book because it’ll mean putting off my bookclub choice The Stand, but there’s some appeal to reading something that’s currently relevant. I will struggle with this decision today and make a choice by the end of the day. 🙂

    • Ok, you’ve done it. I’ll set aside The Stand and read White Trash. But first I’ll finish up Neurotribes. I can always finish up The Stand next month.

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