One More Week in May #ReadersWorkouts — 4 Comments

  1. Way to go, Joy! I had good luck recently setting a 4-week weight-loss goal, and I think I should try the goal-setting thing for exercise, too. I am starting a new job soon which will include Monday and Thursday evenings, but that leaves Tuesday and Wednesday nights open so I can keep going to line dancing class those nights, as I have been, and so it works out perfectly!

  2. I sounds like you’re doing great on your goals, Joy. I’m looking forward to summer. I still have my usual work schedule but I won’t have to spend as much time studying with my daughter.

  3. I went to my first Friday 6am yoga class last week, going back this week. When I did my stretches in karate tonight, I could stretch more than last week, I touched head to knee on both sides during the hamstring stretch, I haven’t been able to do that for a while.

    Still feels humorous to be out-yoga’d by senior citizens, I’m impressed with their dedication and flexibility and balance.

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