Compassionate Goals #CompassionateSunday — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve never heard of A Blueprint for Your Castle in the Clouds, but I read your review and now know I NEED to read this book. Thank you for the recommendation!

    I’ve tried taking two MOOC classes in the past and my experience proved the same as yours: more work than I anticipated following tangents I didn’t care to go.

    • That book has made a huge difference for me! My insomnia is much improved because I have something to do with my brain besides re-live the day.

  2. I think your Compassionate Sundays have been amazing! You’ve really accomplished quite a bit, and along with that you’ve opened up the subject of compassion to many others. It’s made me rethink my own compassion. I have a harder time being compassionate to myself, but your posts make me remember to try and be kinder to myself.

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