Normal Walk (kinda) #ReadersWorkouts — 3 Comments

  1. Lately, my major issue has been lack of time. I’ve been spending an hour+ everyday helping Amber study math. She’s in honors Algebra 2/Trig and it’s killer. Exercise tends to be the thing that gets cut out, since I can’t very well stop cooking or doing laundy/dishes, etc. and my husband’s been working too much overtime to help out much.

    Glad your back is doing better!

  2. Glad you back is better and I am sure you are knocking them dead with your Cuba presentation because I have seen your fabulous pictures!
    Today was the first day in 1 week I was able to get on my bike due to my dental hell issues. My current acting up tooth’s pain has finally settled down. Yes pain where ever does get in the way of exercise!

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