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  1. I haven’t tried Weetabix but my brother grew up eating Shredded Wheat. I was a raisin bran kid but I seem to remember my mother pouring boiling water over the cereal. Does that sound right? These days I’ve been eating plain Greek yoghurt with a sliced banana and strawberries and a squirt or two of honey. Maybe I’ll try Weetabix for a touch of fiber!

  2. I’ve been doing fried tomatoes now with my eggs. And they have Salad Cream at a few stores that I occasionally use for my salad. Now, if they only sold Irn Bru in the stores, my kids would be happy!

  3. I went through a phase of being fascinated by Weetabix too. I found that I liked it warmed up — pour milk on it, then heat in the microwave. As you say, it has a different consistency from shredded wheat.

  4. Ok, now I know what Weetabix is. We had Shredded Wheat as kids, and Cheerios, or Corn Flakes. Now I have homemade granola some days and an egg with toast on other week days. Weekends are for waffles, pancakes, or eggs and bacon. My main British food transplant has been Yorkshire pudding, mini ones with a roast beef.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Weetabix until today, and now this is the second post about it. I do love Shredded Wheat, so I bet I’d like this too.

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