Devil in the Grove by Gilbert King #BookReview — 2 Comments

  1. This is one of my favorites. My husband grew up in that area in the 80s and has lots of stories about encountering blatant racism as a dark skinned white person – up to school officials chastising his mother because he acted like a white kid. So I’d say those types of people are still in power.

    I couldn’t believe the things that happened in this story. I almost wrecked my car at one point when I was listening to the audio.

  2. Devil In The Grove is as good as a book gets. Thurgood Marshall, grossly overworked and underpaid, was inspired, skilled and effective. Marshall’s defense in the 1946 race war cases in Columbia, Tennessee, was brilliant, and is brilliantly told in the first chapter. While awaiting Gilbert King’s next book I recommend his, The Execution of Willie Francis, a sad, harrowing tale.

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