Mid-Month Report #ReadersWorkouts — 4 Comments

  1. I also hate it when it’s too hot outside, so I walk much less because of the weather in summer.
    Hope you get your goals, good luck!!

  2. You sound like me – between the weather and being busy it’s been tough to get exercising in.

    At least some of your goals are right on track.

  3. I’ve been out in CT this week, last night I hit the gym with my travelling buddy and he put me through a weights workout that left my quad muscles on fire. Tonight we did a back and hip workout with weights. It was fantastic to have a knowledgeable workout partner. I need to slot in some weights work and yoga to get in good shape for my black belt test, which will hopefully be early next year. I have more work travel to do, so this week and last week have been a good rehearsal for that.

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