A Merry Month of Movement #ReadersWorkouts — 5 Comments

  1. I started something new yesterday. Since I work on floors 6 and 7 of a building (and they’re all tall floors) I joined a co-worker’s stair-climbing club. We did 3 sets down and 2 sets up that reduced my legs to jelly and it’s now a daily thing on my calendar.

    The 2 hours in the karate studio just didn’t seem as bad after that!

  2. November was okay. I only gained 2 lbs over Thanksgiving and had lost a few pounds before the holiday so I think I’m still ahead of where I was (but not quite where I hoped to be). On Sunday I tried a new leg routine and strained a muscle in my lower back so I’ve been avoiding strength for the past couple of days. My goal was to do strength 6x this week. Not happy but not giving up. Maybe tomorrow my back will be ready for more.

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