Readers’ Workouts — Armchair BEA Edition — 13 Comments

  1. Joy
    I do listen to audio to help me exercise and joined a Book Blogger’s walk group at the beginning of this year. It has been incredibly motivating. To know I am accountable and others are into it as well. Audio is slower there is no doubt about it. However I get through a few each year. Usually light ones that don’t take too much thought as my mind wanders as I walk! I have to haul it back!

  2. I love listening to books on my iPod while on my treadmill or recumbent bike. I also listen while I do housework and cook. I’ve never listened to a podcast, but think I’ll check to see what books I can find and give it a try.

  3. The vast majority of my exercise is walking part of the distance to work (.6 – 1.5 miles depending on weather and how I’m doing) but I usually listen to StarTalk Radio podcasts instead of more bookish ones. I just don’t really know any bookish ones to listen to!

  4. I really needed information about podcast I might like, because I want to listen to more than audiobooks at the moment (I listen to them when I go to walk, which is great too). I’ll check this web you’ve linked.
    May is been a difficult month: I have exams at the university and I can’t go to run in all the scheduled days.
    Good luck for your goal this month; there’s still time!!

  5. I have listened to audiobooks on occasion while working out but mostly I prefer music. Though when I was listening to IT I did listen while lifting weights…but when I tried to listen to it running outside I kept seeing Pennywise hiding behind the bushes before the sun had risen. LOL! That put an end to my listening while running. 🙂

  6. I don’t have a way to listen to audiobooks while I workout because I rent them from the library, as I don’t have money for Audible so no MP3s for me. I don’t know much about bookish podcasts, but I will check the one out you mention. I still miss Nicole’s podcast!

  7. I can imagine myself listening to audiobooks while running or walking outside, but the reality is that I prefer music, especially if I am running. I do read large -print books or e-books with the typeface enlarged when I am on the treadmill though. My husband thinks I am crazy.

  8. I’m not doing that well with exercise though I have been taking walks with my youngest. I can’t recommend any podcasts but I know Aarti ( has several really good posts about podcasts.

  9. I listen to audiobooks all the time at the gym or when I’m walking/jogging outside. It’s the only thing that makes “working out” any fun for me. I usually listen to light romances or mysteries. I’ve never tried podcasts.

    Made it to the gym twice over the weekend and took a couple of walks with the dog. My plan for tonight is to run for an hour give or take, probably on the treadmill cause it’s a rainy day.

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