FitBit Friends #ReadersWorkouts — 8 Comments

  1. I couldn’t figure out how to add you as a fitbit friend, but the address I use on there is the version of my gmail address.

    The one drawback to my fitbit flex is that when I do a serious workout, sweat accumulates inside the band. I tried taping it up with varying degrees of success. Right now I’m nursing a bruise-to-be on one arm which took several good elbow strikes last night in sparring class. Practicing your defensive techniques means you get attacked more, and if your defenses need work, you also get hit more…

  2. Oh I am off to friend request you on Fitbit! It is such a great motivator. I also just found out about another app, Everymove, that you can sync with your fitbit and earn points to redeem for fitness-related stuff or even to donate to charity.

  3. I’ve been hitting the gym lately! Yay for me! But I’m in love with Jeannine’s fit bit and how she imagines the fit bit talks to her, and so am thinking of getting one. You know, just so I can feel guilty for not walking down the hill to the ocean and back. (I know it’s Vancouver, but think of San Francisco. Yeah, that kind of hill.) 🙂

  4. OK, this week I’m only doing mental exercise 😀
    My exams at university have begun and I’m only going to the swimming pool and not running this week because of them.
    Besides this week the weather has been awful here: cold and rain all day, so the swimming pool is the only option for now.

  5. I received a lovely birthday present in the form of a workshop to teach you to fitness walk correctly. I’m hoping that will motivate me…

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