Sunday Salon — Mother’s Day Edition — 7 Comments

  1. Joy, I looked up The Illustrated Longitude by Dava Sobel, and now I want to read it. Do you have a copy in your library? If you do, I may have to come by and look at the illustrations next month, after I move to St. Louis. My library here has two discs about the book that alternate between “real-life 18th century clockmaker John Harrison, whose invention of a marine chronometer would ultimately serve as the primary navigational guide for sailors of his era and a post-WWI Royal Navy officer … [who] battles bureaucracy and ignorance to reinstate Harrison’s longitudinal clocks for modern-day Naval use.”

    • I have a personal copy that I can lend you. There are copies available in libraries around here, too — I’ll teach you how to navigate our public library landscape!

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