But does it rhyme with orange? #WondrousWordsWednesday — 6 Comments

  1. I remember the alphabetical diagrams for various poetry but I couldn’t recall what they are called. I haven’t studied Dantes either but I’d like to check it out to see what terza looks like. I agree it sounds like it would be fun to try it.

    I’ve enjoyed your poetry month’s look at the Handbook. Great set of posts.

  2. Thanks for the review Joy! I knew couplet- Shakespeare has Romeo speak in rhyming couplets to emphasize his importance. Terza rima is completely new, and I read Dante (many years ago…). Now to go check on last week’s post…

  3. Oh My, it’s been way too long ago that I studied the workings of poetry. I guess it’s nice the different rhymes have names. Couplet makes sense, though I am sure I did not know quatrain. Wonder if I’ll remember any of them later?

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