A Walk in the Park — Readers’ Workouts — 7 Comments

  1. This week I’m in! I have thought I can talk about what I do to exercise, but perhaps monthly, because I usually post once a week. I’ll see.

    I also go for long walks, mainly on the weekends; for example last weekend I walked both days for 11 kilometres each day, and well, I go pretty fast and I end up tired, but feeling good 🙂
    I did the Way of St James a couple of summers ago (Camino de Santiago, in Spanish) and since then I like walking.

  2. Husband and I have rejoined the JCC gym, I’m hoping for some yoga classes. We went on Sunday afternoon and I slept better than I had in a while that night.

    Did my usual group class, private lesson, sparring class Monday night routine, my instructor said he was proud of me for shaking off a head kick and keeping fighting, because a couple of years ago it would have really bothered me. Receiving a head kick is never fun. Giving them is much better.

  3. The other day I said to Rob I just needed to be quiet and he understood. He even said that things had been crazy for the past month when I was only thinking it had been a week. Of course, after he said “month” I reflected on that and realized that it had indeed been a hectic month (March) followed by a hectic week (last week, the first week of April).

    I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and the habit of exercising but it hasn’t been easy.

  4. I just walked in Forest Park a few weeks ago! I was in St.Louis for a few days and went to visit The Art Museum. The walk from the train stop is quite a hike!!!

    • That is a hike! The travel literature kind of implies that Forest Park is one destination — but it’s huge! Depending on the attractions you want to visit, it can mean a lot of walking.

  5. I’ve been to St. Louis, but it has been many years. I remember an old train station that was converted to stores and cafes, etc. We only stayed one day on our way to somewhere else. We did see the Gateway Arch, of course. Looks like there is a lot to see there.

  6. We’ve been sick at our house, but I did make it to the gym last night. I just did the bike, I figured running would have me in a coughing fit.

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