Sunday Salon — February 9 — 9 Comments

  1. Holly is trying to drive me crazy while Rob it out working. I’m trying to catch up on some things, like transcribing my quotes and updating my menu board. Things I can do and not mind if there’s an interruption. Because there will be an interruption. She’s wanting to go outside for 4-6 times an hour when she’s awake. When she’s not awake, I try to plow through housework, like cleaning the carpet and reorganizing stacks. Maybe tomorrow I can get some writing done.

  2. I love the Pinterest map board. I had not seen that before – thanks for showing me! Also I really like Peter Ackroyd. If only his biography of London was not so massive. It looks extremely interesting but I don’t have the heart to start it and read it on and off for the rest of my adult life…!

    • I have London checked out of the library, but it’s the third massive book I have in the house, so it’s unlikely to get read before the library wants it back! I may have to put it on the calendar or something to make arrangements to read it.

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