New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge — Wednesday Link-up — 3 Comments

  1. I probably won’t be posting any reviews in January even if I do finish one or more of my books in January. Is that a problem? My book reviews are back-logged a bit and sometimes I don’t post a review for a few weeks.

    • No worries, whatever works best for you. If accountability helps, you can always post your progress in a comment.

  2. Uh oh! I posted my link twice–here and below your post! Sorry!

    I’m enjoying the book (see post; it’s already up). My response isn’t as thorough as yours, but it’s similar. I find I’m “picking and choosing” Gretchen’s ideas and strategies that seem most relevant for my life. Maybe I should pay more attention to the work chapter! To be perfectly honest, I was a bit put off by it because Gretchen seems to have led such a charmed work life, with what she wants to do falling into place. That’s over-simplifying, I know; it’s *never* that simple! But I feel I’m up against such obstacles right now in making my goals become reality.

    Thanks so much for this challenge, Joy. It’s going to be instructive and fun!

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