Book Review: Clean by David Sheff — 5 Comments

  1. I know I became more compassionate towards addicts as a result of reading this book. Not to the point of acceptance but, with my increased awareness, I was able to put addictive behavior in a context that made me less judgmental and self-righteous. It also made me feel a tremendous amount of frustration for lower income families who too often have no escape from a cycle that has spiraled beyond all reason. Sheff’s insight into addiction, thanks to his own experiences with his son, give the book a relevance above and beyond the usual.

    • Yes. This book definitely develops compassion and awareness. I felt like it might be good to read Beautiful Boy, Sheff’s memoir about his son’s addiction, too, to understand more about how his personal experience feeds the wisdom in Clean.

  2. I have a niece (23 and married with a child) who based upon what her mother tells us could be using drugs (her mother is in denial). I would really like to find this book and see if there is something in it that might wake up “mom” to what her daughter is doing to herself. So many signs and yet mom won’t believe it. I am currently reading Praying for your addicted loved one. I hope to pass it on to mom when I finish. It is a great book in that it supports you while you pray for your loved one.

    This post sounds so logical. Giving treatment instead of locking them in jail. Why we are doing this is beyound my comprehension. Unless they have committed a violent crime they should not be jailed (then given treatment along with their jail time). I have two teens in high school and one in college. I think the BIGGEST reason my kids don’t and haven’t used drugs is because we (the parents) are super! envolved in their lives. To the point I think that most parents would find it to be “too much work”. But they are our future and we must take care of them. Giving them the time and nurturing that they need to avoid peer pressures, starting in the earliest grades.

    I truely enjoy the education experience I get from visiting your blog! Thank you!

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