Jardin des Plantes — 12 Comments

  1. The first photo is magnificent. Shows just how huge everything is in Paris. That one, or the Louvre, like you have to walk across a gigantic square before even getting to the front door. Still must preserve energy to visit the inside. I’m sure walking through the botanic gardens must be pure joy. Thanks for sharing.

    • Since I was on a garden tour, I feel like I should know the answer to that question — but I don’t. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful tour you had, I love old vellum books, these must have been particularly beautiful. I’ve been to the jardin des plantes twice now- first three years ago we mainly went to the zoo, this time we tried to see an exhibition but arrived on a Monday of course when things are shut. I still haven’t seen the hall of evolution or inside the greenhouses.

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  4. Oh, my! How fun! And you are from Missouri? Are you familiar with the Butterfly garden which is part of the Botanical Garden family? One of my favorite places in St. Louis area!

    Well, I”m sure you had the best visit anyone could have here — quite perfect!

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