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  1. I loved the streets of Paris, the angles and how white the city felt (buildings and roads). I was there in January, I’m sure it’s amazing in the spring/summer with added color from flowers and greenery.

    I started working on my vacation posts… it’s fun to revisit but challenging to decide how much to share!

  2. Oh I know exactly where that is! In fact I walked past it again this morning- it’s a few blocks away from our flat. What a great location for your Paris stay- I hope we’ll get to see more of it.

    • Hotel Pont Royal, 7 Rue de Montalembert, but that’s Rue du Bac that I’m looking up in the first photo. Great location and a very lovely hotel, but I suspect if we’d been on our own instead of with a tour we would have chosen something more economical.

  3. Hi, Joy —

    What a view! I’m curious — were you on the left bank? I’m thinking Blvd. St. Michel but I may be wrong with that — not too far south of Blv. St. Germain? Just curious! No matter where, it is a great location!

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