Readers’ Workouts — July 9 — 4 Comments

  1. Today I’m starting a new eating plan. I’m trying to cut down on sweets (honey buns and Rainbow Sherbet ice cream are my favorites), eat more fruits and vegetables, and less meat. Your four rules sound really helpful. I probably should adopt them. 🙂

  2. A doctor told me years ago that I am gluten sensitive. I have only recently embraced this and limited wheat in my diet. No, I don’t avoid it altogether. Thankfully, I’m not fully allergic. So I indulge when I am eating out or on special occasions. That didn’t include July 4th, however. I knew we had family visiting on Thursday when I will have some raisin bread toast. Oh boy oh boy! Otherwise, I’ve been on track and doing well. Gained weight last week in spite of everything. But then, monthly fluctuations can do that even at my age.

  3. I’ve not been allowed to workout since my oral surgery last week and I’m amazed at how tough it is to do what I’m used to doing with ease. My body is still healing, though, and I’m only too happy to honor that! Time enough to get back after it once I’m really, wholly ready.

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