Readers’ Workouts — July 2 — 3 Comments

  1. Sometimes a month can fall apart, for sure, especially when something like France enters into the picture. Good for you for keeping up with the exercise.

    My injury has turned out to be an old cervical vertebrae issue from a few years ago, springing up in new and interesting ways. I’ve been cleared for light exercise, as long as that exercise involves keeping my neck and head relatively still (i.e. a lot of recumbent bike and light bicep curls and such). I’m also following your advice, Joy, and considering my physio as part of my week’s exercise.

    So, 60-minute walk Monday. ~45 minutes of bike/light weights Tuesday/Thursday. Physio Wednesday/Friday.

    • Good for you for making the effort. I hope it helps you heal better and quicker. I tend to have better luck with healing if I find a way to keep exercise in the mix than if I don’t.

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