Readers’ Workouts — June 25 — 4 Comments

  1. I injured my back in early June. Thought it was okay and bam, reinjured it yesterday. So, doctor and physio for me before I know what I can do for exercise and when.

    So good luck, everyone! Stay active and don’t throw your back out like a chump 😉

    • Take care of yourself, Dee!

      I’ve noticed that some people find it helpful to count physical therapy as exercise, just because it kind of holds the time open for it — when the PT is done, the exercise can slip right into that slot.

  2. I’m not setting any goals for the whole summer unless you count trying to re-establish a routine. I was studying for this certification exam for so long (long enough for my husband to suggest I not study for it if I fail and just take a break for a while). Now that I’m free from studying, I’m free to exercise more often and now I need to just get a foundation of habit in place.