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  1. They’re both very nice but the blog photo looks a little better to me. I’m going to check out those suggestions too as I have a brand new camera to learn how to use. Have a happy and healthy 2013, Joy!

  2. I like the new one better. It’s lighter and we can see your face better. The bright colors you’re wearing and the colorful background are a great mix! Besides that, I think you look a lot younger in the new photo!! Thanks for the info on photo links. Got a new camera for Christmas and I need all the help I can get! 😉 Happy New Year, Joy!

  3. I like the brighter colors of the new photo.

    Thanks for the mention. I’ve always found the manuals that come with electronics & cameras are too basic to be helpful. I’ll check out The Shutter Sisters… I’m always looking for more photography tips.

    Taking a photo a day doesn’t work for me. I can post one a day, but I have to be motivated to shoot new stuff and that usually happens in bursts.

  4. Oooh, I am a big fan of color and the outdoors, so I like the new photo, with the gorgeous colors in your sweater and scarf and the lovely outdoor background.

    I took a photography class many years ago when I lived in New Orleans – would love to take another someday!

    Good luck with your resolution –


    Book By Book

  5. I like this one better-the lighting is much better-your face is illuminated.

    How did you just find out you are going to France? where are you going?

  6. I hope you are going to visit Monet’s gardens in Giverney-it is about 40 minutes by train from Paris-it is well worth the visit.

    If you need any help with planning your stay in Paris-let me know-I know the city well.

    while I like the English countryside I like France much more.

  7. In the new photo, the background is so nice and you look really happy and youthful…that’s my vote; although they are both nice.

    I would love to learn more about photography, too. My eldest son is a photographer and I admire his work.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. I like the new one as well, although as everyone else has said, both are lovely. I love to take photographs and almost always have my camera with me so I can snap a picture to use for my blog. I live high up in the Rocky Mountains and the scenery is always breathtaking.

  9. I like the new one. It is great to have 2 good ones so you can change it up at whim!
    Did I see in comments the mention of a trip to Paris? I love Paris and maybe a Paris setting book should be on the reading list for those of us who will be enjoying only a vicarious trip!

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