Readers’ Workouts — December 11 — 10 Comments

  1. All right, after two weeks of detour due to health and overtime, I’m back in the saddle. Three workouts, each consisting of 20 min. cardio, 20 min. weight training, 10 min. ballet barre strength/flexibility training, 5 min. stretching, today, Thursday, and Friday.

    Need to keep up that exercise so we can also enjoy the tasty treats of the holiday season, right? 🙂

  2. Oops! My link up there is not for my Crazy for Christmas Cookies post–WRONG focus here.. lol! (That was for weekend cooking.) Sorry!

    Kudos to you for keeping up with the Shred, Joy. I love seeing your little group of co-horts on twitter keeping each other on track. That’s EXACTLY why having workout buddies works! Even if you all live 100s if not 1000s of miles apart. 🙂

    I had a rough week last week–Oh I still clocked 318 minutes, which isn’t so bad. I ran 3+ miles one day, biked 22+ miles another and took my usual fitness classes at the gym three other days, but I took two days off from working out. Usually I only take one. I had a particularly busy week with activities/meetings/events etc. and I felt so sleepy all week. Ugh. I’m still feeling it a bit this week. I keep wondering if I’m about to get sick, but I don’t think it’s that. Weird. Hopefully it’s just a phase and I’ll snap out of it. lol!

    Have a great week everyone! xo

    • I fixed your CRaZy link title!

      I’ve been a bit more tired this last week, too. Especially in the evening which puts my workout in danger if I left it too late. Maybe it’s all just finally feeling like winter?

      Actually, one good thing is I realized that feeling that tired is unusual for me, now, and how cool is that? I used to feel tired all the time.

  3. My neighbor lets me take their 11 year old border collie, Isabella, for walks on our beautiful local trails. Having her companionship makes a huge difference in my attitude towards getting out and enjoying the fresh air. Yardwork, yes, that’s a good idea . . .why don’t I remember that? Oh yes, it’s the Pacific Northwest, and I can always claim it’s too wet to work in the yard (NOT).

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