Book Review: The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid — 14 Comments

  1. Interesting post! Sounds like a good book. I like the idea of making those tiny decisions. For me, it’s also about recognizing the “triggers” that set me off in search of tortilla chips!

  2. I like your comment that the author shows that you don’t need to stop living to lose weight – I think that’s a common fear or block. I am *allergic* to talking or reading about diets, but this sounds like a good one for those who aren’t. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Did you really write a 50,000-word novel in November or have you just started NaNoWriMo this month? This book sounds good. Maybe it would motivate me to change my bad eating habits!

  4. Sounds good Joy. Aren’t we lucky that so many books exist which can help people with every issue imaginable? I’m a big fan of the Dukan diet when I gain a few extra pounds. I love the almost instant drop of 10 or so pounds but I cna see how it might be dangerous for larger amounts.

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