Readers’ Workouts — September 25 — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for the mention, Joy – conversations with other bloggers are the reason I continue to write all these years later. You’ve inspired me to get off my backside and do something active today, so thank you for that, too!

  2. With school and the kids at three different schools, I’ve lapsed some too. I’ve started back slowly using my bike for short but intense workouts. I need to start scheduling my workouts so I won’t feel like there are more urgent things to do.

    • Good job getting back on the bike.

      I’m trying to make it a habit that if it gets to be about 4pm and I haven’t worked out yet, then exercise gets bumped up on the priority list. It sometimes works.

  3. Joy, do you do any strength training in your exercise routine? I was thinking that not only is it an important component of exercise (makes our muscles AND bones stronger and denser), but if you added 15 minutes of strength at the end of your cardio workouts, I bet you could make your minute goals! 😉

    • I cut back on strength training on the theory that I was getting plenty of squats and lunges and pulling and pushing in the yard. But it’s not quite the same, so this week would be a good time to start putting it back in my routine. Thanks!

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