Book Review: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott — 7 Comments

  1. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever read this in its entirety … which is something I really need to remedy. Especially since I’m one of those people bathing the proverbial cat (i.e., writing a novel). Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Started this book on the plane and am half way thru. It’s been a good read for me so far. The only problem is that I really wanted to read, “When god was a rabbit” and it’s fallen in my lap and so have been unfaithful to B by B these past 4 nights. I know, what am I like? Thanks for the lovely review Joy, I’ll pick it up again.

  3. Joy, I especially liked how Lamott emphasized that if we want to be good writers, we must become good observers of life. What more noble habit could we have? I also liked how she dispelled the myth that publication equals happiness. Now, on to the self editing book…

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