Readers’ Workouts June 12 — 10 Comments

  1. I just did a post about how I’ve embraced exercise and health this year. What I didn’t mention in it is that this weekend is my first “official” run, an introductory 2.8 mile trail run hosted by a local running club. I’m a little nervous, despite it really only being a competition against myself, but also very excited. This week I’ll run 2-3 miles a few more times before the weekend race and rotate that with weight lifting. Very excited about improved health.

  2. I’m not doing a separate blog post, but I can check in and proudly tell you that I (re)joined the gym last week and had three sessions. This week, I’ve been on Monday, plan to go tomorrow (Wednesday) and one more time. So far, I’m enjoying it.

    Besides those 3X1 hour in the gym, I’ve been bicycling several times.

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