Wondrous Words Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. And we call black pudding, “blood sausage” — my granny being Irish, I guess they Americanized it!

    Conversely, “white pudding” on your morning fry up is “plain pork sausage” but expect PLAIN to be emphasized, with little of the savory spices we eat in the Midwest. 🙂

  2. Interesting words Joy. I knew banger because my sister-in-law in from northern England. Her specialty is bangers and mash. That’s a sausage and mashed potato dish that is super good.

  3. How exciting to be planning a trip to Ireland! Gammon isn’t exactly equivalent to ham. Gammon is sold raw, and needs to be cooked. It’s not terribly common here in Australia, but I bought some a few years ago, and cooked it up. It was delicious. I knew all your words today, familiar to Aussies. I must say the first floor thing, made me do a double take. We would use the Irish meaning too..

  4. For some reason, I always thought “bangers” meant peas! Good to know what bangers and mash really is – sausage and potatoes makes a lot more sense as an entree than peas and potatoes …

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