Adventures on the Treadmill — 9 Comments

  1. My husband gave me an iPad for Christmas and I use it the same way, LOVE my treadmill time now!

    I haven’t watched on edisode of Friday Night Lights, is it on Netflix? If yes… I might start from season 1.

    Great week! Good luck staying focused this week. 🙂

  2. Have you watched Breaking Bad and have I recommended it to you 1,000 times? Sorry, if so. It’s the only tv program I recommend. It’s not for everybody but it’s EXCEPTIONAL writing.

  3. I loved Wire In The Blood and was so saddened and annoyed when they announced they were not making any further episodes. I do however believe an American version is in the though I can’t see this being the same without Robson Green in the lead role of Tony.

  4. I use my iPad for Netflix, too! I like it a lot more than on the computer, or a laptop or even the TV. Ever since we moved, though, we don’t have a treadmill anymore.

    I love SHERLOCK! I’ve been trying to find out when I’ll be able to watch it here in Canada. I watched the first season on Netflix, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’ll be showing the second season too.

    And you’re doing great with your challenge results! I started out the new year with the goal of exercising at least a little every day. After the first week with zero success, I switched to a weekly goal. Still no success yet …

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